16 August 2010

The Royal Ancestry of Ebenezer Lyman

(I) Alfred the Great, King of England, married Ethelbirth, daughter of Earl Ethelran; their son-

(II) Edward the Elder was King of England.

(III) Edgina, daughter of Edward, married Henry de Verandois.

(IV) Hubert fourth was Count de Vermandois.

(V) Adela, daughter of Hubert, married Hugh Magnus, fifth Count de Vermandois, and son of Henry I., King of France.

(VI) Isabel, daughter of Hugh, married Robert, Earl of Millent and Leicester.

(VII) Robert was second Earl of Leicester.

(VIII) Robert, his son, was third Earl of Leicester.

(IX) Margaret, daughter of Robert, married Saier de Quincy.

(X) Roger was the Earl of Winchester.

(XI) Elizabeth, daughter of Roger, married Alexander Comyn.

(XII) Agnes, daughter of Alexander, married Gilbert de Umfreville, called the famous baron, the flower and keeper of the northern parts of England.

(XIII) Gilbert de Umfreville was an infant at the time of his father's death and was made a ward of Simon de Mountford, Earl of Leicester. He was the Earl of Angus, having married Matilda, Countess of Angus, a lineal descendant of Malcolm III., King of Scotland, three of whose sons succeeded to the throne. Gilbert died in 1307.

(XIV) Robert de Umfreville, second son of Gilbert, had livery of his lands. He was one of the governors of Scotland and was a member of parliament under Edward II., until the eighteenth year of his reign, when he died. He was the second Earl of Angus.

(XV) Sir Thomas de Umfreville, son of Robert, was heir to his half-brother, Gilbert, and lived at Harbottle. He married Joan, daughter of Lord Rodam.

(XVI) Sir Thomas de Umfreville was second son of Sir Thomas (1) and heir to his brother, Sir Robert, and was living in the time of Henry IV., at Kyme. Children: 1. Gilbert, a famous soldier in the French wars in the time of Henry IV. and V., and was slain with Thokas, Duke of Clarence and others. 2. Joanna, mentioned below.

(XVII) Joanna, daughter of Sir Thomas de Umfreville, married Sir William Lambert, son of Alan Lambert.

(XVIII) Robert Lambert, of Owlton, was his son.

(XIX) Henry Lambert, Esquire, of Ongar, county Essex, was living in the twenty-fifth year of the reign of Henry VI.

(XX) Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Lambert, married Thomas Lyman of Navistoke.

(XXI) Henry Lyman, of Navistoke, was his son.

(XXII) John, son of Henry Lyman, lived in High Ongar.

(XXIII) Henry, son of John Lyman, lived in High Ongar. He married Elizabeth -, and had nine children.

(XXIV) Richard, third child of Henry Lyman, was born at High Ongar, county Essex, England, and baptized October 30, 1580. In 1629 he sold to John Gower lands and orchards and a garden in Norton Mandeville, in the parish of Ongar, and in August, 1631, embarked with his wife and five children in the ship "Lion," William Pierce, master, for New England. In the ship, which sailed from Bristol, were Martha Winthrop, third wife of Governor Winthrop, the governor's eldest son and his family, and also Eliot, the Indian apostle. They landed at Boston, and Richard Lyman settled first in Charlestown, and with his wife united with the church of which Eliot was pastor. He was admitted a freeman, June 11, 1635, and in October of the same year, joining a party of about a hundred persons, went to Connecticut, and became one of the first settlers of Hartford. The journey was beset by many dangers, and he lost many of his cattle on the way. He was one of the original proprietors of Hartford in 1636, receiving thirty parts of the purchase from the Indians. His house was on the south side of what is now Buckingham street, the fifth lot from Main street, west of the South Church, and bounded apparently by Wadsworth street either on the east or west. His will was dated April 22, 1640, and proved January 27, 1642, together with that of his wife, who died soon after he died. He died in 1640. His name is inscribed on a stone column in the rear of the Centre Church of Hartford, erected in memory of the first settlers of the city. He married Sarah, daughter of Roger Osborne, of Halstead, in Kent, England. Children: 1. William, buried at High Ongar, August 28, 1615. 2. Phillis, baptized, September 12, 1611; came to New England and married William Hills, of Hartford; became deaf. 3. Richard, baptized July 18, 1613; died young. 4. William, baptized, September 8, 1616; died November, 1616. 5. Richard, baptized February 24, 1617; mentioned below. 6. Sarah, baptized February 6, 1620. 7. Anne, baptized, April 12, 1621; died young. 8. John, baptized, 1623; came to New England; married Dorcas Plumb, died, August 20, 1690. 9. Robert, born September, 1629; married Hepzibah Bascom.

(XXV) Richard (2), son of Richard (1) Lyman, was baptized at High Ongar, February 24, 1617. He and his two brothers, John and Robert, were taxed in 1655 in Hartford for a rate assessed to build a mill. They probably removed the same year to Northampton, where in December, 1655, Richard was chosen one of the selectmen. He sold his father's homestead in Hartford in 1660. He married there Hepsibah, daughter of Thomas Ford, of Windsor. She married (second) John Marsh, of Hadley. Richard Lyman died June 3, 1662. Children: 1. Hepsibah, married November 6, 1662, Joseph Dewey. 2. Sarah, married, 1666, John Marsh. 3. Richard, married Elizabeth Coles. 4. Thomas, mentioned below. 5. Eliza, married, August 20, 1672, Joshua Pomeroy. 6. John, settled in Hadley. 7. Joanna, born 729 1658. 8. Hannah, born 1660; married, June 20, 1677, Job Pomeroy.

(XXVI) Ensign Thomas, son of Richard (2) Lyman, was born in Windsor, Connecticut, in 1647, and died July 15, 1725, aged seventy-five years. He removed to Northampton in 1656, and in 1708-09 to Durham, Connecticut. His wife Ruth and part of the children came to Durham with him. He was one of the early settlers there, one of the first deacons of the church and represented the town several sessions in the general assembly. Both he and his wife renewed their covenant with the church at the settlement of Rev. Nathaniel Chauncey, December 30, 1710. They were dismissed by letter from Northampton church under date of January 16, 1710-11. He was ensign of the military company. He married, in 1678, Ruth, widow of Joseph Baker and daughter of William Holton. She had six children by her first husband. Children of Thomas and Ruth Lyman: 1. Thomas, born 1678. 2. Mindwell, born 1680; married John Harris. 3. Ebenezer, born 1682; mentioned below. 4. Elizabeth, born about 1684. 5. Noah, born 1686; died 1728. 6. Enoch, born January 18, 1691.

(XXVII) Deacon Ebenezer, son of Ensign Thomas Lyman, was born in Northampton in 1682, and died in 1762, at the age of eighty. He removed to Durham, Connecticut, after his father and settled near the north boundary on the west road, or Cooked Lane, about 1719. He bought land in 1737 over the line in Middlefield with his brother Noah, and in 1740 removed to Torrington. He and his son Ebenezer were original members of the church, October 21, 1741, and he was elected deacon January 1, 1742. He was representative from Durham in the general assembly in 1737. He married, January 2, 1706, Experience Pomeroy. Children: 1. Moses. 2. Experience, born April 17, 1708, at Northampton. 3. Ebenezer, born September 20, 1709; mentioned below. 4. Stephen, born August 14, 1711. 5. Experience, born December 25, 1712. 6. Mindwell, born July 13, 1714, baptized at Durham; married, October 29, 1741, Jacob Strong. 7. John, born 1717; died 1763. 8. Hannah, baptized June 30, 1723; died February 19, 1771; married Asahel Strong.

(XXVIII) Ebenezer (2), son of Ebenezer (1) Lyman, was born in Northhampton, September 20, 1709. He removed to Durham with his parents about 1709. He was the first settler in Torrington, Connecticut (1737), whither he went with his "young family of three persons." He owned a large tract on what was later called Lyman Brook, and his house was used for garrison purposes during Indian troubles. He married (first) Elizabeth, daughter of Noadiah Seward; (second), in 1737, Sarah -. Children: 1. Caleb, born 1747; died 1810; married Hannah Loomis. 2. Ebenezer, born March, 1750; died March 7, 1813; settled in Vermont. 3. Sarah, born 1740, died 1832, aged ninety-two years; married, November 23, 1763, Joel Wetmore (see Wetmore IV). 4. Esther, married Nehemiah Lewis. 5. Ruth, married Ashbel North. 6. Rhoda, married Nathaniel Hayden. 7. Mary, married - Tuttle and lived at Windsor.

Source: Cutter, William Richard. Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation. New York, NY, USA: Lewis Publishing Company, 1911.

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