23 April 2014

Ransom Genealogy

Ransom is an English surname of considerable antiquity. Probably all the American families of this name are descended from Robert Ransom.

(I) Robert Ransom was born in England, either in Ipswich or Kent, according to the family historian, and came to Plymouth, Massachusetts, before 1654. He was admitted a freeman of the colony December 14, 1697. Children: 1. Mathew, born 1661; married Hannah Jones, March 6, 1682; settled in Saybrook, Connecticut. 2. Joshua, born at Sandwich about 1665, mentioned below. 3. Robert, married 1690, Anna Waterman. 4. Hannah, married Eleazer Jackson. 5. Mercy, married, July 26, 1692, Samuel Waterman. 6. Samuel, married Mercy Dunham. 7. Mary, married Nehemiah Pusse.

(II) Joshua, son of Robert Ransom, was born in 1665 at Sandwich, Massachusetts. He married (first), February 26, 1686, Mercy, daughter of John and Elishua Gifford. She died October 25, 1689, and he married (second), March 10, 1692, Susanna Garner, of Plymouth. She died at Halifax, Massachusetts, March 16, 1735. Ransom died after 1713. He was then living at Plympton. Children: 1. Robert, born 1687, mentioned below. 2. Mary, born about 1688, at North Kingston; married Samuel Knight. Children of the second wife: 3. John, married Martha Ripley. 4. Sarah, married, at Plympton, Francis Curtis. 5. Joshua, married Mary Wright.

(III) Robert (2), son of Joshua Ransom, was born in Wexford, Rhode Island, or vicinity, in 1687, and died, January 23, 1777. He settled in Colchester, Connecticut. He married Alice, daughter of James and Mary (Hubbell) Newton, granddaughter of Sergeant Hubbell, of Fairfield. She was also a descendant of Richard Smith. She removed to Colchester with her father. Children, born in Colchester: 1. John, November 15, 1709. 2. Mary, August 30, 1711. 3. James, March 13, 1713, mentioned below. 4. Joshua, May 3, 1715. 5. Robert, March 25, 1717. 6. Alice, September 6, 1719. 7. Newton, February 21, 1722. 8. Peleg, September 20, 1724. 9. Amos, February 17, 1727. 10. Elizabeth, May 1, 1729. 11. Amy, August 2, 1732.

(IV) James, son of Robert (2) Ransom, was born at Colchester, March 13, 1713, and married there, Sarah Treadway. He died at Colchester, March 1, 1773, and his wife, May 12, 1793. Children born at Colchester: 1. Elias, February, 1736. 2. James, July 16, 1738, mentioned below. 3. Amasa, August 13, 1741. 4. Alice, September 20, 1743. 5. Asahel, May 30, 1746, mentioned below. 6. Lois, August 16, 1748. 7. Elijah, June 12, 1751. 8. Israel, October 26, 1753.

(V) James (2), son of James (1) Ransom, was born at Colchester, July 16, 1738, and married there, December 15, 1757, Elizabeth Loomis. Both died at Colchester, James, August 12, 1823, and Elizabeth, June 12, 1823. He was a lieutenant in the revolutionary service, May 1 to December 17, 1775, from Colchester. Children, born at Colchester: 1. Olive, June 20, 1759. 2. Israel, July 21, 1760. 3. James, November 17, 1761, mentioned below. 4. Sarah, February 28, 1764. 5. Irenus, May 15, 1766. 6. Betty, July 5, 1768. 7. Joel, July 6, 1770. 8. Russell, May 16, 1772. 9. Lois, (twin) May 13, 1777. 10. Son (twin), May 13, 1777; died May 23, 1777. 11. Jerusha, July 13, 1779.

(VI) James (3), son of James (2), Ransom, was born at Colchester, November 17, 1761, and married, February 2, 1786, Elizabeth Clarke. She died July 20, 1820. Children, born at Colchester: 1. Henry, March 23, 1787. 2. Frances, April 17, 1789. 3. Clarissa, March 7, 1791. 4. Olive, March 13, 1793. 5. Clark, July 15, 1794. 6. Elias, September 6, 1796. 7. Horace, July 8, 1798, mentioned below. 8. Owen, June 30, 1800. 9. Lydia C., May 22, 1802. 10. Elizabeth, May 2, 1804. 11. Sarah Ann, October 22, 1804.

(VII) Horace, son of James (3) Ransom, was born July 8, 1798, at Colchester, and married Sarah Southworth. He was a farmer by occupation, and owned a fine farm between Colchester and East Haddam. Child: Henry Gardner, born March 18, 1823, at East Haddam.

(VIII) Henry Gardner, son of Horace Ransom, was born at East Haddam, March 18, 1823. After leaving school, he went south, and engaged in the lumber business with his father. He then went to Springfield, Massachusetts, where he was in business for four years. Later, he went to California for a few years, and finally returned to Norwich, where he bought the candy business of David L. Gale, located on Franklin Square, and was very successful in the business. At the breaking out of the civil war, he sold out to John C. Perkins, who had been a clerk in the employ of Mr. Gale. The business was continued by Mr. Perkins, with a partner, under the firm name of Perkins & Root, and in 1864, he assumed entire control.

Mr. Ransom, about 1865, bought a store in Grosvenordale, and also had a store in North Grosvenordale. He sold the former store to Thomas Hutchinson, who had been his clerk, and the latter to John Elliott. After this, he bought a farm in Iowa, and put a young man, who had lived in his family, in charge of it.

Later, he returned to North Grosvenordale, and bought back the store which he had formerly sold to John Elliott. They formed a partnership, under the firm name of Ransom & Elliott, and conducted the business successfully for many years. After the death of Mr. Ransom, Mr. Elliott continued alone until he was killed by lightning. Mr. Ransom retired about four years before his death, and went to live in Norwich, where he died, May 9, 1893. He married, May 31, 1848, Frances Ann, daughter of George and Fanny (Billings) Ransom, of Montville, Connecticut. He was a member of the Broadway Congregational Church of Norwich, as was also Mrs. Ransom.

(V) Asahel, son of James (1) Ransom, was born at Colchester, May 30, 1764, and married there, January 15, 1778, Sophia Little, who died April 5, 1821. He served in the revolution, in a New London company, and was a pensioner in 1832, together with his brother James. He died at Colchester, April 6, 1835. Children, born at Colchester: 1. Justin, April 8, 1780. 2. Sophia, July 29, 1782. 3. Asahel, February 13, 1784. 4. Alice, December 5, 1785. 5. Statia, March 4, 1788. 6. Ephraim (twin), September 9, 1792. 7. George (twin), mentioned below.

(VI) George, son of Asahel Ransom, was born September 9, 1792, at Colchester, and married (first) Fanny Billings. He married (second) Lucy Ann Cone, at East Haddam, February 26, 1834. She died at Colchester, December 24, 1859, and he died July 21, 1864, at Norwich and was buried at Colchester. Children of first wife: 1. Sherwood Billings, April 20, 1820; married Abbie Payne, of Colchester; had two children, who died young; was in the express business in New London, Connecticut, and died in November, 1893. 2. Frances Ann, September 7, 1824, Colchester; married Henry Gardner Ransom, born at Colchester. Children of second wife: 3. George Reed, April 30, 1836. 4. Mary Adelaide, October 4, 1838. 5. Henry Asahel, January 23, 1841. 6. Ellen Louise, December 19, 1843. 7. William Cone, October 17, 1850.

Source: Cutter, William Richard. Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation. New York, NY, USA: Lewis Publishing Company, 1911.

22 April 2014

The Hillyer Institute

This illustrated ad provides information on the Hillyer Institute, established in 1893 through a grant from the children of Charles T. Hillyer after his death. This appears to have been written just after their first classes were completed, as it speaks of the six-month course in the past tense:  "were taught" and is illustrated with photos from the 1893-4 season, their first year. The Institute, now a part of The University of Hartford, whose website says the Institute "began in 1893 as a school of automotive technology," though we see the original intent was much broader than that.

Here is a complete transcript of the text:

The Hillyer Institute

Is the educational department of the Hartford Young Men's Christian Association; is endowed with Fifty Thousand Dollars for this branch of the Association's work, by Mr. A. R. Hillyer and Miss Clara E. Hillyer, as a memorial to their deceased father General Charles T. Hillyer.

The aim of the Institute is to place a practical education within rach of all young men in Hartford, and vicinity.

The Class Work is all done in the evening in order to reach those who are employed during the day. The season's work is carried on between October first and April first. There are two terms of twenty lessons each in most classes.

The following branches were taught: Woodworking, Mechanical Architectural and Freehand Drawing, Electricity (lectures,) Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Shorthand, Typewriting, Grammar, Algebra, Geometry, and Arithmetic.

The Class Rooms are lighted by electricity and are well furnished. The woodwork room has twenty-four work benches each having a good set of carpenter's tools. In the drawing rooms are adjustable drawing stands and the other rooms all have the necessary furniture.

Teachers: C. P. Knight, Geo. Hays, Wm. D. Johnson, C. R. Loomis, Prof. W. L. Robb, E. H. Morse, W. K. Cook, W. C. Gompf, N. P. Work, A. G. Davis.

W. I. Twitchell, Chairman Educational Committee.

[Photo Captions:
Wood-Working Class, 1893-4
Class in Mechanical Drawing, 1893-4 ]

21 April 2014

Francis Andrews Descendants

Francis Andrews, immigrant ancestor, was born in England, and settled in 1639, in Hartford, Connecticut. His home was at what is now the corner of Elm and Trinity streets. He removed to Fairfield, and died there 1662-63. His will was dated June 16, 1662, proved March 5, 1663. Children: John, baptized September 27, 1646; Thomas, baptized January 2, 1648; Jeremiah; Abraham, mentioned below; Elizabeth; Mary; Esther; Rebecca; Hannah; Ruth.

(II) Abraham, son of Francis Andrews, was born about 1650, died between July 1 and December 31, 1729. He settled at Waterbury, Connecticut. He also lived at Farmington. He was one of twenty-six Farmington men who petitioned to have Waterbury granted as a plantation October 9, 1673. He was selectman of Waterbury in 1681. His home lot adjoined that of the minister. He built a house in 1704. He married Rebecca, sister of John Carrington, of Mattatuck (Waterbury). Children, recorded at Waterbury: Rebeckah, born December 16, 1672; Mary, March 10, 1674-75; Hannah, September 8, 1678; Abraham, October 14, 1680; Sarah, March 16, 1683-84; Rachel, July 11, 1686; John, mentioned below; Thomas, March 6, 1694. The Waterbury historian believes that the son Abraham was the first white child born in Waterbury. This honor has been claimed also for Richard Welton and John Warner.

(III) John, son of Abraham Andrews, was born at Waterbury, Connecticut, July 16, 1688. He was the first permanent settler in Gunntown, Waterbury. He served on various town committees. He married Martha, daughter of Thomas Warner. Children, born at Waterbury: William, mentioned below; Patience, born October, 1716; Ebenezer, April 29, 1719.

(IV) William, son of John Andrews, was born about 1715, at Waterbury. He married, February, 1736-37, Martha, daughter of James Williams. He married (second) -. Children of first wife: Sarah, born January 17, 1737-38; Martha, June 3, 1740; James, December 19, 1743, killed by fall from a tree; William, mentioned below; John, October 28, 1747; Timothy, December 1, 1749; Mehitable; Diadema. Children of second wife: James; Ruth.

(V) William (2), son of William (1) Andrews, was born April 5, 1745. He married, at Waterbury, May 6, 1766, Submit Frost. Children, born at Waterbury: Elizabeth, February 15, 1767; William, January 13, 1769, died young; Luther, July 2, 1770, died young; Philo, February 3, 1773; Luther, mentioned below; Cornelius; Anna, September 1, 1777; Laura, 1790, married Seth Thomas.

(VI) Luther, son of William (2) Andrews, was born at Waterbury, April 13, 1775. He was a farmer in Wolcott, Connecticut, or Allentown Center. He married a daughter of Seth Thomas. Children: Randal Thomas, mentioned below; Chester; Luther.

(VII) Randal Thomas, son of Luther Andrews, was born at Wolcott, 1798, died at Plymouth, Connecticut, January, 1831, aged thirty-three years. He married Philena, born 1800, died 1876, daughter of Michael and Rhoda (Hopkins) Blakeslee, of Plymouth. Children: Philinda, born 1822; Harriet; Randal Thomas, mentioned below.

(VIII) Randal Thomas (2), son of Randal Thomas. (1) Andrews, was born in Plymouth Hollow, now Thomaston, Connecticut, in the same house in which he is now living, May 13, 1831. He received his education in the public schools, and at the age of fourteen began to work in the Seth Thomas clock factory, and continued in various responsible positions with the Seth Thomas Clock Company for many years. He became interested in the business conducted for many years under the name of R. T. Andrews & Company, dealers in furniture. While he continues in this business, he has given over the active management, and devotes little of his personal attention to it at the present time. He is a trustee of the Thomastown Savings Bank, having served from the time of its incorporation. He was a director of the Electric Light Company until it was sold. In politics he is a Democrat. He was selectman of the town of Plymouth, and represented Plymouth in the general assembly in 1873-74, and Thomaston in 1893-95, serving on important committees. He is senior warden of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church. Mr. Andrews has never married.

Source: Cutter, William Richard. Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation. New York, NY, USA: Lewis Publishing Company, 1911.